Shocking moment two drunk tourists jokingly plunge 100ft to their deaths

Two young men from Gadinglaj in Maharashtra plunged to their death at a waterfall in Amboli, India.

Imran Gardi, 25, and Prasad Rathod, 21 worked on a poultry farm and were visiting Amboli along with other colleagues. The men got drunk and jokingly climbed over the safety barriers then let go of the railing, accidentally falling to their death at the popular tourist resort. The accident, which happened on Monday, was filmed by other tourists and it went viral on social media on Thursday.

In the disturbing video, both men were seen climbing on the safety barrier to sit on it and other tourists can be heard in the background screaming in warning. They sat there for a while, gulping from a bottle and chatting animatedly before they got down. One of the men then dived into a shallow pool nearby, swam for a short while and came out.

They then went to the iron railing and this time they crossed it into the danger zone while tourists shouted at them to stop. Accidentally, Rathod lost balance and fell in the valley along with Gardi, who had caught his hand.

The deceased’s colleagues were unaware of the incident at first and thought that they were missing. Dayanand Patil, the owner of the poultry farm in which they worked, filed a missing complaint with Amboli police on Monday. But the video shows them plunging to their death.

Watch their last moments below.

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