Mercy Johnson Cry’s Out Over Strange Man Who Her, See What The Man Said To Her

Mercy Johnson

Actress Mercy Johnson has raised an alarm over a strange number that called her by accident, saying “Hideout clear, do we kill them”. She tagged the Nigerian police in her post to see if they could track the phone number that called her and maybe save people who may have been abducted by the caller. She shared the number that called her phone and wrote:

Something is not right about this num…it called me and said “hideout clear,, do we kill them”.and when I spoke, the call cut quickly, I call back and the person begins to insult me via Text..I am certain all isn’t well..@ngpolice @efcc

Please repost fnds. Am certain cus I engaged the person by replying to see if he or she would say something but No was just normal rude insults so I could tell the person is trying to ward me off and make me think he or she is just not a fan.
Its not Me ,Maybe someone or some people are in danger and he mistakenly called my line to communicate .

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