What further afield matters is the people believed to be from the minority attempt to conform, as a means of fitting in and doing nicely from the overriding system. What can you do? Curiosity, inquiring real question such as, “What is it like being the only Black man in this firm?” And then listening to the answers rather than reacting negatively in case you don’t enjoy what you hear.

Diversity takes several unexpected turns. I recently had a conversation with the mom of an autistic kid. When I provided a source of a mother who’d worked with her very own autistic kid to “cure” him Mother #1 taught me on her view. Her own son didn’t have a disorder to be treated. There is nothing wrong with him. He has a different outlook on matters. It is the planet that labels him faulty.

Temple Grandin, an autistic girl and animal science professor, writer, and speaker, stated as much in her TED talk. (I clearly did not fully take that at the very first moment!) It might be startling to observe folks with what are deemed important disabilities have something to provide at work.

In the center of inclusivity is approval. Acceptance of gaps. And farther, recognition that every one of us has something to offer you.

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